Strawberry & Banana Protein Smoothie (Low FODMAP)


Strawberries are at their sweetest and juiciest when they come into season during Spring, while the refreshing cucumber hints at Summer. Beetroot powder, natures food colouring, adds a wonderful pink hue to this smoothie, which can be enjoyed with or without the protein powder. During digestion, the combined effect of the protein and fats from the coconut oil, means your food leaves the stomach at a slower rate, which helps to keep you feeling full.

Psyllium seed husks are from the plant Plantago Ovata, (also known as blond plantain). Although seemly expensive, they last a long time as you only need 1-2g of them a day. They also help keep you feeling full, as they absorb liquid and expand. Because of this, they need to be used with care, as they can get stuck in your throat if not consumed with enough liquid! A good benchmark is 1-2g per 300-350ml liquid but follow packet instructions. They are a great source of fibre and can be of benefit to those following a FODMAP diet.

I take this to the gym with me for a post-workout boost, keeping it in a stainless steel container to keep it cool and away from light, to minimise loss of nutrients.

Coconut products are classified as Low FODMAP, if used in small quantities. According to Monash University, the creators of the Low FODMAP diet, the latest research states coconut milk is ok for those of a Low FODMAP diet to consume, provided it’s less than 250ml at a time.

Use organic ingredients where possible.

Serves 2

1 tbsp Pure, unrefined plant protein powder 
1/2 tbsp Coconut oil
1 Small banana (6-7” long)
120g Strawberries
1/3-1/2 Medium sized cucumber
300ml Coconut or nut milk (try my homemade coconut milk or buy the carton milk, not the thick, canned version)
1 tsp Stevia, if needed for extra sweetness (make sure it’s pure and not a stevia/sugar blend, preferably unbleached)
Handful of ice
Optional Extras
1 tsp Beetroot powder
1/2 tsp Psyllium seed husks (helps to keep you full and good for those on a FODMAP diet)
Sprinkle of Chia Seeds

Approximate sugar = 3.8 tsp per serve

Add all liquid ingredients to high speed blender, in this order for most effective blending:

  • Coconut or nut milk
  • Ice
  • Protein Powder
  • Optional beetroot powder and psyllium husk
  • Coconut oil
  • Cucumber
  • Banana
  • Strawberries

Blend until smooth, taste and add stevia if needed, blend again


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