Herb & Apple Pesto

The addition of green apple in this nut-free pesto sauce gives your taste buds a unique and unexpected twist. Basil is great for the digestive system and spinach is abundant in antioxidants and beneficial nutrients including iron and magnesium. There’s nothing better that fresh herbs, especially if you can grow your own at home.If like me, you live in the city, get yourself a kitchen garden and keep them indoors on the windowsill. If you look after them properly, supermarket bought potted herbs do last… My coriander is two years old and still going strong! It’s much cheaper than buying packs and they’re as fresh as can be. You could use this pesto on so many things. I love it spread of spelt bread as an afternoon snack, mixed in brown rice pasta or as a topping for white fish.

parsley, herb, freshIngredients

Serves 2-3

1/2 cup  (119 g) Fresh parsley (including stalks)
1 cup (237g) Fresh basil
1/2 cup  (119 g) Spinach + extra for garnish (organic)
1/4 cup  (60g) Seeds like pumpkin/sunflower/sesame (preferably activated)
1/4 cup (60g) Olive oil (unfiltered, cold pressed, organic)
1/2 Green apple, chopped to help the blender along if you need to (unwaxed, organic)
1 small clove Garlic
Squeeze of Lime juice
Pinch Himalayan pink salt and (papaya) pepper


If you have a high powdered blender, you can chuck the whole garlic in, skin ’n’ all. For ideas on what to do with leftover lime peel, look out for my post about citrus, coming mid April. Add the ingredients to a high speed blender in this order: Olive oil and lime juice Salt and pepper Basil, spinach, parsley and garlic Apple and seeds Add a touch more olive oil if the blender needs a bit of help. Blend until combined but not smooth. Slather all over your favourite dish!

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