Papaya & Beet Citrus Slushy

Papaya Beet Slushy

Papaya and beetroot go together surprisingly well. The earthiness from the beet is counteracted by the sweet papaya and lemon adds a refreshing splash of citrus.

When blending, I normally just throw in the veg with the skin left on but with beetroot, this can sometimes give too much of an an earthy taste, so for this I scrubbed then peeled the beets and froze the peelings to use in a vegetable stock. Compost the peelings if the beetroot aren’t organic as pesticides often stay in the peel even if its been washed. Check out the Environmental Working Group (EWG) “Shoppers Guide to Pesticides” for info about the “Dirty Dozen” (fruit/veg that are generally highest in pesticides). For further reading, the EWG has a list of its references at the bottom of the article. Chucking peels does leave more wastage so organic produce is preferable, not least because it reduces your exposure to pesticides.

Although organic produce is often higher in price (not always! Shop at local farmers markets for deals), you get more use out of your food and minimise waste because you dont have to peel the produce. The peel is where the pesticides.

Beetroot supports liver function and beetroot juice in particular has been shown to help sufferers of hypertension and reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure [1]. It’s in season from June to March (UK).

Papaya is a great source of vitamins A and C as well as the carotenoid beta-carotene, which gives it its orange colour and is beneficial for eye health.


Makes 1 pint (568ml) Serves 2 (284ml each)
100g Red beetroot (organic, scrubbed or peeled if preferred/non organic)
145g Papaya (de-seeded and peeled, seeds saved in the fridge for Papaya Seed Pepper )
Juice of 1/2-1 lemon (I used a whole one)
1/8 tsp caraway seeds 1 cup filtered water

Optional extras
1/2-1 tsp Stevia, to taste if needed to sweeten
1-2 tsp Lucuma powder (superfood boost)
Fews cubes of ice (frozen from filtered water)


Spoon out the papaya seeds. The seeds are edible and have a peppery taste. so try them and if you don’t like them, compost them or you can save and wash them, in preparation for making Papaya Seed Pepper (method out tomorrow!) or sprinkled over salads. They’re lovely sprinkled over Super Quick Steam Fry “Zoodles”!

Chop the papaya and beetroot into 1-2 inch cubes. Using a high power blender, add the ingredients in this order:

  • Filtered water and lemon juice
  • Lucuma, stevia, caraway seeds
  • Ice cubes
  • Beetroot and papaya

Blend until smooth.

Approximate sugars from fruit: Papaya 11g, Beetroot 7g = 4.5 tsps sugar per pint. Approximate total sugars from fruit per 284ml serve = 9g/2.25 tsps sugar

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