2 Minute Berry Oats

Quick Berry Oats
Photo: HannahElizabeth.co.uk

This has to be the quickest, easiest snack to make when you’re busy. It takes 2 minutes to put together and can be made with just 3 ingredients!

I take it to work and eat it a bit before going to the gym in the evening so I don’t exercise with low energy.

Berry Oats also make for a hearty breakfast or the perfect snack when you need a boost; a great source of complex carbohydrates, oats are high in fibre and protein, containing approximately 17g of protein per 100g, compared to brown rice, which has around 2.6g per 100g. You can prepare this the night before or in the morning and leave them soaking until it’s time to eat.

I try to avoid plastic where possible so instead, reuse old glass jars for storing my Berry Oats. ( For information about plastic pollution visit Plastic Pollution Coalition.) This recipe fits nicely in a jar that originally held 170g of almond butter.

Quick Berry Oats Ingredients

Serves 1

50g Oats (gluten free, organic, rolled or silver cut. Silver cut oats are the least processed)
15g-20g Raspberries, approximately 5-10 fruits (Organic. You can also use blueberries/blackberries)
100-125ml Unsweetened coconut milk (or unsweetened nut milk)

1/2 Tbsp Chia seeds (organic)
1-4-1/2 tsp Coconut sugar (organic, unrefined)

Glass jar

Put the oats, chia seeds and coconut sugar if using, into the jar. Mix around until combined then add the coconut milk. Stir until the coconut milk has soaked the oat mixture, then top with berries. Leave throughout the day or overnight for the oats to soak up the coconut milk.

Give it a stir before eating. Ta-Da!

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