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How To Spot a Bogus Personal Trainer

Personal Training is just that… Personal. Do you feel comfortable telling your trainer about personal issues when appropriate? Do they listen and understand your feedback/concerns? Do they make you feel a sense of achievement? If you’re not fully at ease with your trainer for whatever reason, keep looking until you find one you click with … Continue reading How To Spot a Bogus Personal Trainer

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Considerations : Choosing A Trainer

There are many reasons why personal training (PT) can be a fantastic investment. But how do you know you’re hiring the right one? What qualities should they possess? Consider the following before hiring a Trainer to make sure you'll get the most from the experience.  Are they properly qualified? In the UK, fitness instructors should … Continue reading Considerations : Choosing A Trainer

Get started : Indoor Climbing

A strong grip is essential for a wide range of sports, from weightlifting to calisthenics, obstacle racing to pole dancing. Grip strength can be the difference between nailing or failing that last rep.  For example, when performing exercises such as pull ups or deadlifts, grip can often be the first to go. Fiery forearms 2 … Continue reading Get started : Indoor Climbing

Get started : Running

If you’ve never run before, thats ok. We all start at the same place… The beginning. As with anything, the chances of bounding off like Usain Bolt on your first run are slim. It will take time, patience and dedication, so don’t be put off if you find the first few runs difficult. This is … Continue reading Get started : Running

Why Obstacle Racers Should Embrace Running

In November 2016, I competed in the UK Obstacle Race Championships. I did my first obstacle race in May 2015 but the season of 2016 was the year I really got stuck in (the mud), racing at least once a month. As the popularity of obstacle course races (OCR) rises, the people who take part diversify. … Continue reading Why Obstacle Racers Should Embrace Running

Dancers | How To Get Out Of A Creative Rut

Dancing is an incredible form of self expression. The body can convey emotion in ways that words cannot. Movement makes us feel good. So when you plateau for no known reason and the body seems unable to transit a feeling like it once could, it can be very disheartening. Plateauing in a sport you love is like being dumped. … Continue reading Dancers | How To Get Out Of A Creative Rut

Body Shape Training | Workouts To Suit You

  At Sets & Reps, we’re always seeking out other industry professionals, so couldn’t pass up the chance to speak to Coco Tomas. Coco is a WBFF Pro Diva Fitness Model and London based certified group fitness, Pilates and yoga instructor. The media is often pushing body image stereotypes that just don’t work for everyone, … Continue reading Body Shape Training | Workouts To Suit You

Obstacle Race Survival Checklist

The build up to every obstacle race is exciting. Sometimes, the excitement gets in the way of rational thinking and I forget to pack things I need. So to prevent this, I made a checklist and an OCR survival guide to follow each time I do a race. Keeping organised allows me to focus my … Continue reading Obstacle Race Survival Checklist

Mud Run Memoirs: My First Obstacle Race

Spartan Super. 13k+ course, we were told afterwards it was actually nearer 17k! There is something deeply satisfying about collecting a medal at the end of a race when you haven’t placed first. You’re still a winner, no matter when you finish. As soon as you drag yourself over that finish line, whether you’re first or … Continue reading Mud Run Memoirs: My First Obstacle Race