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A library of wonderful resources covering nutrition, wellness, recipes, cosmetics and more. This section will be updated on the regular so check back often for new additions. I’ve read, seen and refer to each and every book, film, website listed here. A broad spectrum of resources are included so you can make your own informed decisions regarding diet and lifestyle. You may find one method that totally fits your ethos or perhaps like me, take a little from each to build your own.

Know of a website/book/film you think should be included here? Share in the comments!

Recipes & Whole Food Info

FitMenCook | Healthy, hearty recipes | Real food and home blog with interesting section on essential oils
Raw For Beauty | Raw foods blog | Healthy recipes | Sugar free recipes

The Art of Eating Well | Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley
The Clear Skin Cookbook| Dale Pinnock
Complete Ayurveda Workbook | Anna Selby
Eat. Nourish. Glow | Amelia Freer
Fast Food Nation | Eric Schlosser
Gluten & Dairy Free For Me | Parragon Books
Healthy Everyday | Dale Pinnock
Healing Foods | Neals Yard
Honestly Healthy | Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson
Honestly Healthy For Life | Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson
Joy of Gluten free, sugar free baking | Peter Reinhart and Denene Wallace
I Quit Sugar | Sarah Wilson
I Quit Sugar For Life | Sarah Wilson
The Holford Low-GL Diet Cookbook | Patrick Holford
The Medicinal Chef | Dale Pinnock
Muesli & Granola | Rachel Khoo
My New Roots | Sarah Britton
Oh She Glows  | Angela Liddon
Plant-based Paleo | Jenna Zoe
Reboot With Joe : Fully Charged | Joe Cross
Super Healthy Snacks & Treats | Jenna Zoe
Superfood Kitchen | Julie Morris
Superfood Smoothies | Julie Morris
Vegan Smoothies | Eliq Maranik

Nutrition, Science and Medical

Anxiety & Depression: Eat Your Way To Better Health | Dale Pinnock
Bad Science | Ben Goldache
China Study | T Colin Campbell, PhD & Thoms M. Campbell II, MD
Diabetes: Eat Your Way To Better Health | Dale Pinnock
Digestion: Eat Your Way To Better Health | Dale Pinnock
Heart Disease: Eat Your Way To Better Health | Dale Pinnock
The Low GL Diet Made Easy | Patrick Halford
Optimum Nutrition For The Mind | Patrick Holford
Optimum Nutrition Made Easy | Patrick Holford
Prescription For Dietary Wellness | Phyllis A. Balch, CNC
Solve Your Skin Problems | Patrick Holford

Coeliac UK | Coeliac disease charity
Eat The Seasons | Guide to seasonal eating
IBS | NHS IBS info
Harvard Health Publications |Harvard Medical Journals
Sense About Science | “Science and evidence in the hands of the public”
UK Agriculture | Information about agriculture and farming in the UK
USDA |United States Department of Agriculture, Agricutural Research Service

Wellness & DIY

The Healthy Apple | All round wellness site
The Herbal Healing Bible | Jade Britton
Mommypotamus |Recipes, crafts, DIY natural beauty and all round great resource
Scratchmommy |Recipes, DIY skincare & home ideas
Wellness Mama |Recipes, natural DIY ideas, podcasts and an abundance of information about living a natural life


Willpower Is Not Enough | Arnold Washton, PhD & Donna Boundy, MSW

Natural Cosmetics & Skincare  | Information about non toxic cosmetics & skincare |Campaign for safe cosmetics: What you need to know about your makeup
Natural Beauty | Karen Gilbert (DIY recipes)
Not Just A Pretty Face | Stacy Malkan
Toxic Beauty | Dawn Mellowship


The Genius of Flexibility | Bob Cooley
The Anatomy Of Stretching | Brad Walker
Finding Ultra | Rich Roll


Bottled Life | How Nestle has effected world water resources 
Chew On This: Ted Talks
| Talks from chefs, scientists and others working in the food industry. The passion displayed by some of the speakers is tearjerking!
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead |Journey of Joe Cross and others on the road to health who have damaged their bodies through food abuse
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 | Second instalment from Joe Cross and updates from the people featured in the first documentary
Fed Up | “Congress says pizza is a vegetable”
Food, Inc.| A look into the food industry and its effects in its current state
GMO OMG | Investigation to what exactly GMO food, the process it involves and the effect of our health
Hungry For Change | Exposing ways in which the diet and food industry keep consumers hooked
Milk? |Investigation into the debate whether milk is good for us or not
Supersize Me | Horrifying effects of a fast food lifestyle
Vegucated | Documenting the journey of 3 carnivorous families who try a vegan diet

Not along the same lines as the others listed here but an outstanding documentary none the less.

Samsara | Incredible film with no dialogue, detailing the flow of nature and humanity. Filmed over five years, the footage is profound and thought provoking

Sustainability & Environment

Environmental Working Group |Non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting human health and the environment
Moral Fibres | Sustainability ideas
Water Quality Association | Non-profit association for the residential commercial, and industrial water treatment industry
My Zero Waste | Great website about a families journey to minimising waste. Packed with inventive ideas on how to recycle and reduce your carbon footprint.
Zero Waste Home | Follow Bea Johnsons journey about her zero waste family home. Great tips on how to minimise your household waste
British Hen Welfare Trust | Charity which helps educate the public about hen farming and find homes for rescued battery farm hens in the UK
RecycleNow | Helpful info about recycling including recycle point locator
LoveYourClothes | Information about textile recycling including ideas to reuse your clothes

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