In-Person Training

Want in-person workouts, adjustments and attention? Each hourly session is all about you. Perfect if you want the help to guide you throughout your fitness journey. Programme individualised to suit you.

Remote Training

Self-motivated to train solo? Want to set your own exercise schedule? This monthly programme will have you set up and ready to go with a programme supplied via an online training portal. Includes weekly phone calls to keep you on track. Ready when you are.

Online Virtual 1-2-1

Looking for the attention of in-person sessions but can’t get to the location? 1-2-1 live training sessions enable workouts, feedback and guidance in real time.

Fitness Consulting

Need help to overcome specific exercise barriers, get form checks or lead you in the right direction regarding your fitness? Fitness consulting helps you break through plateaus through education. This hour long virtual consultation provides you with recommendations for progression and a written analysis. Best paired with remote training for ultimate results.


Ever said “I’m stiff as a board”? These mobility classes are designed to improve useable flexibility and increase strength at end range of motion to move without restriction. Twice weekly mobility classes are held online via Zoom. Signature mobility classes, affectionately known as “Morning Mobs” can be booked via Gymcatch. Click here to be taken to the booking portal

Sports Massage

Muscle tightness? Injury? Sports massage can help get you back to feeling limber, improve movement and reduce muscle stiffness. Includes exercises demonstrations if desired and advice on how to stay supple.

Image of two women, Hannah and Becky. They are outside, holding heavy orange sandbags during a workout. They are both smiling
Hannah (right) with one of her wonderful clients during a workout at the annual “Client Meet-up”

My PT sessions with Hannah really helped me work on my technique and find confidence in lifting. I really enjoy the attention to detail combined with tailoring of the sessions to my goals. Hannah is very professional, friendly and attentive to my fitness goals.


Let’s do this

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